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"My massage was absolutely amazing. It truly surpassed all my expectations being my first massage. I appreciate your professionalism, being on time, everything being sanitized and you being knowledgeable on the different kind of massage types. I like how you quickly transformed my living room into what felt like a real spa. 45 minutes was just too short. Next time, I'm getting your maximum time session. Right now, I just feel relaxed. I know I'm going to sleep good tonight. Thank you so much. I can't wait to book my next session. 5 stars!!"

"The session was just what I needed. I appreciate your professionalism along with your intentionality and passion in creating an intimate yet relaxing experience. You took your time, you made me comfortable. Thank you. Looking forward to the next experience. Safe travels back to Baltimore!"

"Dash has a truly  exceptional gift of healing touch. Her energy vibrates through the room. Experiencing a couples massage with her was such an inner and outer body experience that brought us closer together and alone at the same time. We had a great time!"

"Listen. Like we say in the south, Baaaabbyy I am PAST a good time!!! Once again woman you have me completely DISCOMBOBULATED!! Dash you are truly the salt of the earth in my book. Everything you touch is like magic. Every time I come to see you, it's a completely new experience that blows my mind. You're the GOAT with your nuru massage, hands down. I'm still on such a high, I have to turn this music down so I can see straight. Thank you for being you and rocking how you rock!"

"My massage was phenomenal. I didn't think you could top your last tour but you definitely did! I enjoyed every minute. Whenever you come to my city, I will book you every time!"

"The couples massage was amazing, thank you so much. You made us both feel comfortable! And the environment was chill and perfect. My body feels great and I'll definitely sleep great tonight."

"My massage was everything I needed! Have you ever enjoyed something so much that you never wanted it to end? Those hands are no joke. Blessed is what they are. Proof that God really is a woman." #PureIntimacy

"Do you happen to have a cigarette, weed, cocktail and a bed? I am still basking in the experience. Thank you so much for making me feel comfortable enough to completely let go. I came with so much tension and left free!! You are truly gifted. You have something here!! I speak nothing but blessings on your business. I am officially a SUPER FAN! Um, do you offer memberships??? I need this once a month, minimum!!!"

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